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February 3, 2020

The Moulton City Council met on Monday, February 3, 2020 in the City Hall Conference Room with the meeting being called to order at 6:00 PM by Thompson, Mayor Pro-tem. Roll Call - Thompson, Daniels, Boyd, Pangburn and Fitzgerald were present. Motion by Daniels seconded by Boyd to approve the agenda, all ayes none opposed. Mayor Ogden was absent.

Motion by Pangburn seconded by Fitzgerald to open the public hearing on the maximum tax levy, all ayes none opposed. There being no objections written or oral, the Mayor Pro-tem asked the council if they had any concerns. None were mentioned. Motion by Daniels seconded by Pangburn to close the public hearing all ayes none opposed.

Motion by Daniels seconded by Boyd to approve Resolution #845 approving the Maximum Property Tax Levy for 2020/21 budget year. All ayes none opposed.

City Supt – Nothing to report.

Sheriff – 1 - 10-50 property damage; 1 alarm burglary; 3 ambulance requests; 1 burglary; 1 civil matter; served 2 civil papers; 1 dog/barking/at large; 1 domestic disturbance; 4 fraud; 1 motorist assist; 1 repossessed motor vehicle;

1 theft; 2 traffic stops; 2 vehicle lock outs; 1 welfare check; 1 wires/water/gas utility; patrolled 35.2 hours in January.

Sydney Gibson handed out the library’s monthly report. They have purchased a security camera. She is working on new programing and they are taking bids for the outside sign. They are still looking for a board member to replace Terry Pangburn, they have to live withing the city limits.

Ambulance/First Responders/Fire Dept/Emergency Management – Fire Chief/Ambulance Director, John Replogle reported they had 63 ambulance calls in 2019 and 103 fires. The USDA Grant is requiring us to get three bids on curtain items. Replogle has reached out to three different companies.

Public Comment – none.

Motion by Pangburn seconded by Boyd to approve the consent agenda all ayes none opposed. Consent agenda included the minutes of the January 6 & January 22, 2020 minutes, bills, treasurer’s report, all ayes none opposed.

Update on Property Sale & Purchase – Report on the school purchasing the lots on North Main is the school’s attorney has asked for an abstract and the city attorney told them the agreement was a Quit Claim Deed and the school representative said they didn’t need the abstract. The council feels at this point the City is not spending any more on this property.

The city attorney emailed a Quit Claim Deed to the City for the Wood’s to sign on the lot at the brush dump.

Duke Property – The city attorney has been in contact with child support recovery unit’s attorney about getting a release for this property from the CSRU/State of Iowa. She has put together and faxed a proposal for how to divide the funds. She is waiting to hear from the CSRU attorney.

Replogle hasn’t had time to compare the quotes for the camera at the brush dump so this will be on the March agenda.

After some discussion, motion by Daniels seconded by Pangburn to approve Resolution #846, hiring Marshall Jay for the Public Works and Maintenance position. Hourly pay $18.50 per hour with a .50 cent increase with each of the three certifications he receives. All ayes none opposed.

After some discussion on the Modification of Existing Provision, Ordinance #355. 9B – Any land within the City limits where hay, forage, pasture or crops are to be grown, must have a two consecutive acre requirement or must consecutively join land taxed as agricultural land as provided for as in Moulton City Code Section 55.18. Motion by Boyd seconded by Pangburn to change the “or” to “and” and approve the first reading. Thompson – aye; Fitzgerald – aye; Boyd – aye; Pangburn – aye; Daniels – opposed.

Discussed taking bids on the city/park/cemetery mowing for the 2020/21 mowing season. Need to add to the contract(s) that they need to pickup trash and sticks BEFORE mowing. Motion by Pangburn seconded by Boyd to get mowing bids with the park being a separate bid. All ayes none opposed.

Motion by Daniels seconded by Pangburn to approve Resolution #844 raising the fee at Oakland Cemetery for a single burial plot from $100 to $200, all ayes none opposed.

Reviewed the budget figures.

Complaints – Letter has been sent to the owner of the aggressive dog that we had a complaint on last month.

Council Concerns – Council has received complaints about aggressive dogs on west first and east first streets. No complaints have been filed at city hall.

Daniels asked Houser when the brush dump was going to be burned so it can be opened back up. Houser stated that when the wind is going to be out of the east for a couple of day’s we can then burn it. Another option is to push the existing pile down over the hill so it doesn’t get any big and then we would start a new pile.

Public Comments – none.

Motion by Pangburn seconded by Daniels to adjourn, all ayes none opposed. Adjourned at 7:43 pm.


Alliant – st lights/utils - $2,710.74

ANR – gas transport – 1,584.39

App Co Auditor – election – 528.61

CenterPoint - gas purch – 3,408.14

EMP - supplies – 34.50

Farmer’s Mutual – ph/internet – 217.84

Gas & Wash – fuel – 388.89

Hall Eng – gas nominating – 400.00

Hill’s Sant – gb collected – 3,431.64

R Houser – cell ph/remibrs – 251.40

Iowegian – publ – 228.76

IPERS – retirement – 2,134.73

M Jay – extra help – 25.00

City Moulton – utils – 986.13

Success Bank – copy fee – 2.14

IRS – taxes – 3,238.52

Municipal Supl – supl – 41.00

Parkside Animal Hosp – dog – 130.00

J Replogle – extra help – 25.00

RRWA – wa purch – 2,763.00

S.J. Smith – supl – 23.25

Transamerica – ins – 722.03

St of IA – taxes – 1,259.00

US Bank – supl – 510.43

Util Safety Design – gas – 1,705.88

Wellmark BC/BS – ins – 6,391.35

H Wood – extra help – 20.00

K Wood – cell ph/reimbrs (legal) – 1,160.00

January Wages – 13,653.06

TOTAL EXPENSES - $47,975.43

INCOME General/other - $4,109.14

Streets – $ 8,225.66 Water – $13,616.51

Sewer – $ 13,134.98 Gas – $ 28,339.92

Garbage – $3,842.13

LOST - $4,546.61

Fire – $199.24

Ambl - $50.00

TOTAL - $76,064.19

Jason Ogden



Vicki Withrow

City Clerk/Treasurer

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February 13th, 2020
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